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Why is there a CA Prop 65 warning on my product?

The products with this warning are pads, mattresses, and products that come with cushions or pad. In the case of cradles, mini cribs, and changers, the warning is in regards to the pad and not the furniture. We can assure you that all of our cribs and wooden furniture do not contain any of these chemicals. All of our cribs meet ASTM standards in addition to CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) regulations

For mattresses and pads, it is required by the state of California that we, as a manufacturer, inform the public of the possibility of the presence of the chemicals listed in the proposition. This is done through use of the Prop 65 warning label. The only way for us to not have this warning is to test for each of the 700+ chemicals listed.

However, we test all our products on a yearly basis to ensure that they are safe to use, and compliant with the most current voluntary standards and federal regulations. Rest assured that our pads and mattresses meet current CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) standards and CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) 101 and 108. These acts regulate lead and phthalate levels in children's products, and all our products are lead and phthalate safe.

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