Babies have a lot of stuff — and they only collect more as they grow. Keeping your nursery space organized is just as important as making it aesthetic. And often, you can’t achieve one without the other. Here are 5 tips for designing a beautifully functional nursery. One that grows alongside your little one, provides a place for every loose burp cloth and binky, and looks effortlessly chic in the process.

1. Check out convertible storage cribs.
When it comes to designing a functional nursery, getting in extra storage wherever you can is essential. You’re probably familiar with the benefits of a convertible crib that lasts through the toddler and big-kid years, but choosing one with extra drawer space is another way to get more out of your crib. Even if it just holds spare sheets and swaddles, a couple of drawers can go a long way. Look for a sleek, modern piece with built-in storage like the Bento 3-in-1 Convertible Storage Crib.

2. Choose a dresser and changer combo.
Another functional nursery staple is a dresser and changer combo. Invest in a dresser you love, and simply add-on a removable changing tray or topper. This way, you avoid purchasing a whole separate changing table that you’ll only use for a limited time. Choose a versatile, clean-lined dresser like the Sprout 3-Drawer Changer Dresser with Removable Changing Tray that your little one won’t outgrow, even after the diaper-changing days are behind you.

3. Find a bookshelf that holds toys. 
Picture books, stuffed bears, nesting blocks — there’s no shortage of books and toys to keep track of in the nursery. Rather than buy a standard bookshelf, look for a bookcase with an included storage cubby. Something like the Tally Storage and Bookshelf can hold books up top and toys down below, so you won’t need to clutter your space with standalone toy bins.

4. Opt for a storage ottoman.
No nursery corner is complete without a cozy chair and a comfy ottoman for kicking up your feet. Rather than choose a standard pouf or footstool, opt for a handy storage ottoman. A lift-top ottoman like the Enoki Storage Ottoman in Boucle lets you tuck away everything from throw blankets to beanie babies, all while accenting your space with a sleek silhouette and some chic upholstery.

5. Hang wall hooks for your baby’s essentials. 
It’s probably clear that storage and style can go hand-in-had — and the same goes for wall space. Mount a few hooks on your nursery wall, and use them to hang any essentials you’ll want easy access to. Whether it’s your little one’s favorite blankie or your go-to bib, there are some things you simply need on-hand. Mix in some curated decor pieces and a couple of Briar Baby Bonnets, and create a wall display that’s both cute and convenient.