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Brittany Xavier rose to fame during the early days of fashion influencing. She started a style blog in 2013, and has since become a Gen Z favorite — posting video content across Instagram and YouTube. She was recently featured in Forbes as a top 50 fashion creator, and is a soon-to-be mother of three. We spoke with Brittany about designing her newest nursery, and how she created a cozy and inviting space with Babyletto’s Bondi Collection. Here are the highlights. 

What was important to you when designing the nursery for your third baby?  ​

This nursery was really fun for me because we wanted something a lot darker than what we did in my toddler Poppy's room. With Poppy's, it was very neutral and there was a lot of art on the wall. For this one, I really wanted to make the walls speak for themselves and have the furniture offset that vibe.​
bondi crib
What is the most important piece in the nursery? ​

The Bondi Cane Crib is the centerpiece! I love how the wall mural frames the crib, and the crib’s honey color adds warmth. The arched side panels create a bit of playfulness, and the cane detailing is perfect for added texture. ​
bondi crib front

What process did you follow when working with designer Studio Hus?  What was the inspiration for the nursery? ​

I wanted a space that felt really cozy and inviting. Somewhere that I could spend time napping, nursing, putting the baby down, and feeling like it was my own little sanctuary. That's what we used to create a space with a whimsical yet moody vibe.​
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How influenced are you by home decor trends on social media?  How do you find a balance between being true to your personal style and staying relevant with trends? ​

I love being on TikTok to see ideas, but I always stay true to myself and how I use the space. If something's not functional or versatile, it's not going to work in my home. Although I want something to look really nice, I also want it to be comfortable. The Nami Recliner provided that, and the Bondi Cane Crib is something that we can use until our baby’s in his toddler years. I really like to bring those aspects into my home as well as my own fashion sense.  ​
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What piece of advice do you have for new moms? ​​
It’s really overwhelming researching every single little thing! It’s hard….but try to avoid the pressure to be a perfect mom with a perfect schedule. Give yourself time to adjust to this new phase of your life, and know that it’s normal to not feel like yourself right away. I’m about to become a mom of three, and I've learned that it’s sometimes important to go with your gut instinct. ​
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