Safe Sleep Nursery Tips from renowned interior nursery designer and author, Naomi Alon Coe

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Welcoming your babe into this world can be an experience that's both exciting and a little scary. As parents, we want to make sure that our babies are in an environment that's as safe as possible.

So, with safety being Babyletto's #1 priority, we'll be sharing tips we gathered from the book, Your Perfect Nursery, by Naomi Alon Coe (a.k.a. @littlecrowninteriors) so you can design your own safe sleep nursery.

First, let's talk about crib safety

  • When buying a crib, make sure your crib meets current safety standards (You can find this information at Never use a drop-side crib.
  • When you've got your crib, always follow crib assembly instructions exactly and register your product so you'll be notified of any recalls or issues.
  • Assemble your crib with the mattress at the highest setting when your baby is a newborn and move the mattress down as your baby grows.
  • Decor items or cords should be completely out of reach from the crib.
  • Cribs should not be placed too close to another piece of furniture that can help your little adventurers climb out of the crib and potentially fall. 
  • Your mattress should be firm and fit in the crib snugly with no gaps or spaces around the edges and crib sheets fitted tightly around the mattress.
  • Your crib should be free of additional items like blankets, pillows, stuffed animals or sleep positioners and bumpers.

Decorating your nursery to be safe and beautiful

  • BABY MONITOR Go for a wall mounted monitor! “The best angle for viewing is to have the monitor mounted on the wall above the crib with the camera facing straight down.”
  • ELECTRICAL AND CORD SAFETY “Use spring-loaded outlet protectors in every outlet that isn’t being used. If you have a power strip, use a power strip cover. Make sure any and all cords are completely inaccessible and use wire covers or secure them to baseboards if needed.”
  • WINDOWS Cribs should not be placed under a window! It exposes your baby to temperature changes, potential glass breakage, access to curtains and the risks of opening the window.
  • ARTWORK & DECOR “Don’t hang anything with glass in it over the crib. Anything you do hang, no matter how lightweight, should be fully secured to the wall.” 
  • TIPPING SAFETY “Any furniture with drawers or shelves, or that could fall when weight is placed on it, should be attached to the wall.” 
  • SMOKE DETECTORS “You’ll want to make sure that your nursery has both a fully functional smoke detector and a carbon monoxide detector.”
  • CHOKING HAZARDS “Take some time to go through your home and find all those small items and make sure they are safely stored.”


     Your Perfect Nursery by Naomi Coe

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    Your Perfect Nursery by Naomi Coe