As an Asian-owned family business, AANHPI Heritage Month — also known as AAPI Heritage month — is of incredible importance to our community. We know that AANHPI is an umbrella term that covers a diverse collection of ethnicities and identities, and we at babyletto are committed to continuing to represent and celebrate each one. 

In light of this year’s theme of "Advancing Leaders Through Opportunity," our team connected with entrepreneur, investor, and Bling Empire star Kelly Mi Li. We sat down to discuss her relationship with her Chinese-American heritage as she transitions into parenthood.​


1. As a first-time mom, what aspects of your Chinese-American heritage or other family traditions and values do you want to pass down to your daughter? Why?
There are so many things I can’t wait to share with my daughter! Language is such a big part of culture, so we plan to teach her how to speak both Mandarin and Cantonese. I’m also looking forward to including her in holiday celebrations like Lunar New Year where we can teach her how to make dumplings. I hope that each of these will not only help our daughter learn about her culture and the importance of family, but also continue to build her connection to her Chinese heritage and cultural identity.​

2. How have recent events in the AAPI community impacted you as an expectant mom?
To be honest, I’m a bit worried about raising my daughter in a society filled with racism and Asian hate crimes. However, seeing our community constantly fighting and speaking out against these injustices gives me hope. We plan to always have an open communication with our daughter about these difficult topics and will remind her to use her voice to uplift herself and others. So, even though there may be challenges for us to face, I know that we can overcome anything together as a family.

3. Who have you leaned on for support during your pregnancy?
I’m so fortunate for all the support from my partner William, family, and friends. It’s been so nice having both William’s and my mom here during this special time. Every meal has been homemade with love and nutrition according to my pregnancy body needs, and they’ve all made sure I get everything I need whether it’s emotional or physical support. 

4. What have you enjoyed most or not enjoyed about your pregnancy journey? Has anything surprised you?
I’ve enjoyed being surrounded by family and friends and having their support through everything. I also still can’t get over the feeling of my daughter’s kicks and seeing my belly grow overtime. It’s such an indescribable feeling knowing I’m carrying my little baby girl as she grows. If there’s anything that surprised me during my pregnancy, it would be experiencing firsthand how strong the female body can be. ​


5. What advice would you give to other expecting first-time moms?
My advice to first-time moms is to take the time to really enjoy this magical process and be kind to yourself. Every pregnancy is unique, so it’s important to not compare yourself to others. Be flexible on your expectations and plans and just go with the flow. After all, you’re growing a little human being inside and that’s something really amazing!​

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