We’re not choosing favorites, but sage is the perfect green. It’s natural, calming, understated, and brings life to a space without overpowering it. You know that sage green is the right hue for your little one’s nursery, but you’re unsure how best to incorporate it into your design. Here are five top tips for styling a serene, sage green nursery. 


1. Explore shades of sage. You’ve landed on sage green, but choosing your nursery color doesn’t end there. From light sage to dark sage and everything in between, there’s a whole spectrum of shades to explore — and the key to creating a dynamic, dimensional space is using more than one of them. Put together a palette of the different shades you like, and try to choose pieces that tie into each. 



2. Have fun with furniture. With such a popular hue, you won’t have limited decor options — and sage doesn’t have to be just an accent color. From the Yuzu 8-in-1 Crib in Light Sage to the Origami Mini Crib in Light Sage, you can find a nursery centerpiece that fits right in with your color palette and brings sage to center stage. You can also mix and match with pieces like the Kiwi Recliner in Olive Boucle to layer in more shades of green.  



3. Stick with natural motifs. Green is a natural color, and sage is no exception. As you search for nursery decor — whether it’s wall art, curtains, or area rugs — you may find that many sage green items feature nature themes or motifs. We say to embrace it. Botanical designs blend in beautifully with the color, and will complement any decorative plants or floral touches perfectly.



4. Get creative with your walls. From wallpaper to color drenching to panel moulding, wall treatments are a big nursery trend — and sage green is the perfect color to play with. It’s a muted, subdued tone that still catches the eye, and evokes total calm. Incorporate the color on one or all of your nursery walls, and watch your soothing sage space come to life.



5. Keep it cozy with bedding. The final touch for your sage green nursery? Some green bedding. Bring the color in through your crib sheets, swaddles, quilts, or changing pad covers, and let the soft accents tie everything together. Explore soothing green prints from Olive Branches to Ocean Waves, and enjoy the cozy additions.