Eclectic, organic, aesthetic. A free-spirited boho nursery offers the perfect way to express your style while creating an inviting, interesting space for your little one to grow. When it comes to designing a boho nursery, choosing personalized pieces is a must — but there are also some core style elements that are sure to help cultivate the vibe you’re looking for. Here are Babyletto’s top 5 tips for styling a boho nursery that both you and your babe will love.
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credit: @tammymerecka

1. Tactile Textures
From woven wickers to fluffy faux furs and smooth suedes, bring your boho nursery to life by mixing a bunch of textures and materials. Try layering area rugs, hanging woven wall decor, and using different shaped baskets for storage. If you’re looking for a more toned-down boho aesthetic, combine these textures while sticking to a neutral color palette.
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2. Organic Greenery
With its emphasis on natural textures and organic materials, even just one plant can enhance the boho feel of your nursery. Not into the added maintenance? Opt for artificial plants instead. A few touches of greenery — or a full-on into the jungle aesthetic — will help bring the outdoors in and give your space that nature-inspired look.
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credit: @nic.maxam

3. Natural Rattan
Rattan is a naturally growing material used in tons of different wicker weaves. It’s a hallmark of boho interior design, finding its way into everything from small decor pieces to large furniture items. Accenting your nursery with a woven rattan light fixture, storage ottoman, or even just a few wicker baskets is essential for creating that breezy, boho feel. 
4. Easy Versatility
Designing a boho space isn’t just about the decor. With its emphasis on freedom and comfortability, choosing nursery pieces that help bring ease and relaxation to your day-to-day is another great way to embrace boho style. Find versatile furniture that’s designed to grow with your family, like cribs that transition to toddler beds and dressers that convert to and from changing tables.
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5. Statement Pieces
While all of the above tips can help create your boho aesthetic, a few boho-inspired statement pieces can do the same. For a natural, textured crib check out the Bondi Cane 3-in-1 Convertible Crib, and for an effortlessly versatile dresser try the Bondi 6-Drawer Assembled Dresser. The best stylish seating staple? Explore the Sigi Electronic Recliner and Glider.