Liv Lo Golding is a certified lactation consultant, yoga instructor, and founder of WOMOM — a business focused on women’s pre and post-natal wellness. Her and her husband are second time parents, expecting their second baby this month.
When she started thinking about her second nursery, there were a few things she was sure about. Liv used Babyletto furniture for her first nursery, so choosing Babyletto again was an easy decision. She worked with Naomi Coe, founder and interior designer at Little Crown Interiors to bring her dreamy second nursery to life. 

liv's nursery

Given the smaller size of the space, Liv’s priority was to make it cozy while fitting all the main pieces she needed. She chose the Babyletto Yuzu 8-in-1 Crib, Yuzu 6-Drawer Dresser, Enoki Ottoman, and the Ubabub Arc Power Recliner which is also available at Babyletto.
Liv and Naomi focused on showcasing the room’s bright, natural light while sticking to a soft and gender-neutral color palette. Naomi selected soothing wallpaper​, accent lighting, and artwork, and Liv went with the Babyletto Oat Stripe Crib Sheet and Oat Stripe Quilt​​ for her baby’s bedding.

bedding and onesie

Hear a little bit more about Liv’s nursery journey and the design process below. 

What was important to you when designing your nursery? ​
The heart of the room is the Arc Glider. This is where I live, where I feed the baby, and fall asleep. I love the boucle because it makes it extra warm and fuzzy. It’s just so easy to relax and take a load off. ​
liv in arc glider

What piece do you feel most moms overlook when creating their nursery? ​
Definitely the dresser. I think last time I only got a 3-drawer dresser which was not enough, so I upgraded to a 6-drawer this time. I love that it has a removable changing tray so it can grow up with baby. ​

hudson dresser

What has been different with this pregnancy compared to your first? ​
This is my second time designing a nursery with Babyletto and overall I'm stressing less. I ordered everything much later because I knew they would have everything I needed. ​

What piece of advice do you have for new moms? ​
When it comes to designing a nursery, all you need are the main pieces. Stress less, and don’t worry — you can always add on things as​ needed when baby arrives.

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liv in her nursery