When she was just 27, Telsha Anderson-Boone launched T.A. New York — a concept store and e-commerce site that caters to the New York community. The boutique highlights both established labels and up-and-coming names in the industry, finding beauty in discovery and sharing it with fashion lovers. Telsha is also a successful content creator, and a new mom to her and her husband’s six-month-old son, Shepherd. We spoke to Telsha about how she celebrates her Black heritage, what traditions she hopes to pass down to her son, and some of her favorite Black-owned businesses. Read the full conversation below.
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1. Can you give us a brief summary of yourself and your family?
I’m Telsha Anderson-Boone! I’m a content creator and owner of a contemporary boutique. My beautiful family and I live in Los Angeles and frequent New York once or twice a month through work and travel. My husband Justin Boone and I recently had a son, who is an adorable six-month-old named Shepherd.

2. How do you celebrate your Black heritage?
It’s important for Justin and I to share our family traditions and create new ones along the way with Shepherd. We do this by coming together regularly with family and celebrating the life we have, the life we strive towards, and our past. By celebrating the past, present, and future, we allow ourselves to enjoy what it means to not only be Black, but blessed to share the space we have.

3. Are there specific traditions or activities you celebrate or engage in?
The biggest tradition my family and I have is that of coming together. We stick to a weekly Sunday night family dinner alongside gatherings for birthdays, holidays, local events, and random occasions. As I’ve gotten older and started a family of my own, I’ve realized that the strongest tradition is sticking tougher.

4. How do you plan to educate your kids and pass down these traditions to future generations?
Leading by example. The best way to show and share my family traditions is by carrying them out consistently. During our time spent together, we share our life experiences through books, personal accounts, and TV and films that speak to our history in a way that informs, excites, and educates.

5. Can you share a Black-owned business you would recommend?
Miles and Milan, a Black-owned baby clothing company.