Babies love color. They’re constantly reaching for your shiny keychain or neon phone case, and they can’t get enough of those bright picture book pages. You’re looking to incorporate some fresh hues into your nursery space, but you don’t want to go overboard. Here are five ways to add a pop of color to your neutral nursery, providing some visual interest and stimulation while still keeping things soothing and elevated.


1. Opt for a statement crib. 

When you hear “pop of color,” you probably picture a bright red painting or throw pillow. But pops of color don’t have to be add-ons or afterthoughts, you can incorporate them organically into your design. The centerpiece of any nursery is the crib, and choosing a colorful one can go a long way toward transforming the feel of your space. It doesn’t have to be an overbearing hue, either. Look for pieces like the Bondi Cane Crib in Forest Green that make a natural and inviting nursery statement. 


2. Choose eye-catching seating.

Want to stick with a neutral crib? There’s more furniture you can turn to for color. Your nursery chair is where you’ll spend a ton of your time, and finding one that’s both comfortable and aesthetic is key. A cozy fabric in a rich hue can bring color to your space while adding warmth and dimension to your design. A piece like the Nami Recliner in Rouge Teddy Loop or Olive Boucle may be the perfect addition to your neutral decor. 

Shown: Nami Electronic Recliner and Swivel Glider in Rouge Teddy Loop


3. Try out a new wall treatment.

It’s not just furniture you can play with. Wall treatments are having a moment, and they’re a sophisticated way to add some new hues to your nursery space. Whether you play with paint trends like color drenching, get creative with decorative moulding, or experiment with different styles of wallpaper, the approach you take — and the accent colors you choose — can be as bold or as subtle as you’d like.

Shown: Yuzu All Stages 8-in-1 Convertible Crib in Washed Natural and Black | Cali Pillowback Swivel Glider in Performance Grey Eco-Weave


4. Sprinkle in botanical touches. 

The most natural pop of color there is: Plants. From pastel flowers to vibrant greenery, adding botanical touches to your space can help bring it to life without requiring you to commit to a single color. Whether you opt for a small vase of dried florals on the dresser or an oversized floor plant next to the crib, there are plenty of directions you can take — and you don’t have to choose just one. 

Shown: Hudson 3-in-1 Convertible Crib in Honey | Kiwi Electronic Recliner and Swivel Glider in Almond Teddy Loop | Bondi 6-Drawer Assembled Dresser in Honey | Naka Storage Ottoman in Vegan Tan Leather


5. Bedding, bedding, bedding.

Maybe you just bought a few white crib sheets and called it a day. While neutral baby bedding is simple and easy, there’s also a whole world of colors, prints, and patterns to explore. And just like with plants, you can swap bedding in and out without being wed to a single look. From prints like Golden Hour to Olive Branches, colorful bedding might be just what you need to spruce up your nursery space — and keep your decor feeling fresh.